AcneFree Scar Fade & Erase Reviews

University Medical is nearing 20 years of skincare product development and innovation. One of their bestselling acne treatments is the intensive treatment lotion AcneFree Scar Fade & Erase. Unlike a lot of acne medications and remedies, AcneFree Scar Fade & Erase is easily accessible and available in US convenience stores like Walgreens. The active ingredient in the formula for AcneFree Scar Fade & Erase is under scrutiny for causing health issues even though the product has been available for years.


Acne can still remain a problem much after the blemish is banished. Acne tends to leave scarring and skin discoloration anywhere. The skincare product AcneFree Scar Fade & Erase is a topical acne treatment designed specifically to reduce residual acne marks. The active ingredient 2% Hydroquinone reduces the color of skin to lighten post-acne marks and even out skin tone. After several weeks, darkened areas fade and smooth skin should be replaced.

Possible Side Effects

AcneFree Scar Fade & Erase should not be combined with other topical treatments because it will increase skin sensitivity and irritation, especially Benzoyl Peroxide. Some studies have revealed that the ingredient Hydroquinone can deposit blue-black pigments onto the skin. AcneFree Scar Fade & Erase should be used with caution.


If you struggle with red or dark discolored post-acne scars and marks, AcneFree Scar Fade & Erase can re-balance skin tone. However, this product works gradually. For the best results a clearer complexion may take up to 8-16 weeks. There are other acne remedies for scarring and skin discoloration that can heal and repair the skin faster and without the harsh ingredient Hydroquinone.

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