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Acnetix comes in a signature red and black bottle, and it is a powerful acne scrub that they claim will give you a 1 step simple approach to acne fighting. They claim you can get rid of 99.7% of your acne in just 7 days. It is rated by experts and consumers as a top product, and it gives you an extra strength acne treatment without actually requiring you to have a prescription or for that matter go through many of the negative and associated side effects. But can it really do this?

History of Acnetix

Acnetix Inc created this specific acne treatment for your greater benefit. They sell through various outlets, but wanted to keep costs down. So they developed a great product supposedly and kept advertising costs down to be cost efficient allowing you to get everything that you want without paying a fortune.


Acnetix has the right ingredients to give you success in fighting your acne. It has original ingredients that work like tea tree oil, anti inflammatories like white willow, antioxidants like green tea, exfoliators like walnut shell, and even Redmond clay, which pulls toxins out of the body with ease. They combine all of these ingredients to give you the optimum results you could get with any scrub.

Possible Side Effects

Acnetix focuses on safety. They don’t have parabens, lanolin, anti foaming agents that will leave a nasty film, mineral oils, dangerous prescriptions, glycolic acid, chemical peels, red dye #2 or other artificial coloring, or benzoyl peroxide as well as other alcohols in general. There are no known side effects with Acnetix.


Acnetix bottles are huge and give you the assurance of results in general. It focuses not only on staying away from the ingredients you don’t need or want, but also on providing you with the impressive ingredients you do need. Acnetix takes a truly original approach, and though their bottle may seem intimidating at first, their product is not, except to acne of course. Click here for the lowest price we’ve found online!

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