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Actimine is an oral supplement meant to cure your acne troubles from the inside out. The manufacturers officially state that “Actimine is an all natural herbal supplement that focuses on the removal of acne all over your body.” Actimine boast the ability to exact noticeable results within 6 to 12 weeks if the treatment plan is followed properly. Actimine even goes so far as to claim that it can treat the rare acne conglobata which at this point has only shown reduction when combated with the prescription product Accutane. There are no ingredients listed on an official website but through some digging we found that vitamin A, vitamin e, selenium, zinc, methylsulfonyl methane, and gum guggul extract are among some of the ingredients in the Actimine formulation.


Some variants of Vitamin A are known acne combatants when used in the proper doses. Actimine also claims to offer a 180 day money back guarantee. That is a good amount of time in which to determine whether or not their product is helpful to you or not.

Possible Side Effects

Actimine does not appear to use the appropriate Vitamin A variant known as Retinol and therefore its ability to fight acne in any way is mild at best. Even if they were using the correct amount and application of Vitamin A some of the side effects common with Vitamin A use are redness and irritation to the skin. None of the other ingredients show any magnitude for acne reduction or prevention.


We are underwhelmed by the Actimine formulation and acne fighting approach. It is unlikely that even the most well developed oral supplement will be able to combat the effects of acne on its own. You will need a topical treatment as well and that is just a fact. There is some merit to the idea of a detoxifying pill offering some aid in acne elimination but it is only one step toward the acne free skin you seek. At any rate, Actimine cannot offer any benefits that we can find. We do not recommend Actimine at this time.

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