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Meant to treat mild to moderate acne in teens, Aczone claims that you can use it and eliminate your problems.

They claim that this gel uses a 5% concentration of dapsone to fight yoru acne at the source and give you gorgeous skin.

Interestingly enough however, with all of their before and after pictures, after 12 weeks, every single user still had a fair amount of acne.

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History of Aczone

Aczone is a prescription acne medication approved for sale by the FDA. It has been used for several different things, and it is currently produced by Allergan. The last study we found scheduled to go on was terminated due to lack of enrollment.


This formula doesn’t really fight acne the way we would like it to quite frankly speaking. It does fight acne. But after 12 weeks, mild to moderate acne is barely touched. Maybe 1/4 of the zits generally seem to disappear, and we have to wonder how long it is supposed to take to make significant differences or even get rid of the acne all together.

Possible Side Effects

Possible side effects of Aczone include redness, feeling of warmth, irritation, itching, peeling, redness, hyperpigmentation, increased sun sensitivity, stinging, and dermatitis.


We would not recommend using Aczone. It does not promote any kind of benefits, at least not in the way one might expect when getting a prescription and paying that much. The results are relatively minor, and they come with a number of possible side effects. We would definitely recommend finding something else.

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Aczone Customer Reviews

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  1. Patricia L 01/06/2011

    Aczone is working for me and has been for a long time now… If you want to promote your product do it without bashing Aczone.
    Not every person will have the same results as with any other product.
    I am sure there will be another company bashing your product to promote theirs.
    Drinking lots of water, using organic apple cider vinegar that has numbers benefits besides alkalizing the body and preventing free radicals is a very good internal cleansing to start. This help to keep my acne at bay; I visited the Dermatologist for months and all he did was to bomard me with a lot of different samples.
    Good luck

  2. Mary Kay 04/02/2011

    I’m a 42 year old woman who, as a teenager had an incredible complexion – BEAUTIFUL… clear… no pimples. However, 5 years ago when entering into menopause (age 37) my face began to break out in ways unimaginable – CRAZY acne. It encompassed all areas of my face and chin – every area beneath my cheekbones and my neck – in fact, it was on the BACK of my neck so I later discovered.

    The patches were very purulent, larger than life, and extraordinarily embarrassing… I hated the neverending battle with draining blemishes and nests of scabs that covered my lower face… It destroyed my self esteem and deeply affected the way I carried myself.

    After trying to fight it (unsuccessfully) with nearly every OTC method available, my doctor precribled Cleocin (day) and Retin-A (night). Sadly, all that did was discolor my skin (melasma that I continue to fight to this day) and did NOTHING for my acne…

    Recently, however I was prescribed ACZONE… which cleared away the lions share of my blemishes OVERNIGHT. I am not at all exaggerating when I say that between my first application at 3pm and my morning rise at 6, the deep red infected areas were almost entirely gone, and the subtle blemishes that were in their “creeping up” phase were COMPLETELY gone. For once in over FIVE YEARS my skin looked great.

    The product is not oily, not drying, and is very manageable/effective in very small amounts, meaning that a little bit goes a very long way. For those who are uninsured or for which this product must be paid for completely out of pocket, that is a point I would be remiss in not mentioning.

    While this product may not be the method of choice for teens in puberty (or so I have reaad), I tell you without a scintilla of reservation that, for me – for those approaching menopause- it’s a miracle in a tube, and I am so grateful that I have finally found something that WORKS. !!

  3. cg 06/15/2011

    ACZONE works. it really does cure blemishes within hours. i put just a dab of it on my nose before i go to sleep to avoid having to wear makeup the next day, and in the morning all i have is perfect skin! dont believe what the people are saying about 1/4 clearing, my acne is mild, but when i use aczone, it helps leaps and bounds! thanks!

  4. Amy 07/11/2012

    I give Aczone 5 stars. It worked great for me. I’ve used just about everything and nothing has worked. I received Aczone from my dermatologist. It worked like magic. My breakout cleared instantly. I strongly recommend Aczone.

  5. Old Owl 10/29/2012

    Too expensive – coupon does NOT work.

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