Blemish Comedone Control Serum Reviews

In the search for acne cures, individuals are bombarded by all types of acne treatments. Finding the right one can, as a result, be challenging. Blemish Comedone Control Serum may seem to be another run of the mill treatment, but there are a few aspects of this Control Serum that make it stand out.

Many acne treatments, for example, use benzoyl peroxide to try to help clear away blemishes. While benzoyl peroxide can be helpful, it can also cause damage to the skin. Blemish Comedone Control Serum does not use benzoyl peroxide and has many other ingredients that target creating healthy skin.

What Blemish Comedone Control Serum Uses

Blemish Comedone Control Serum uses Tea Tree Oil instead of benzoyl peroxide in order to fight the bacteria that form comedones. Tea Tree Oil is known for its anti-bacterial qualities, and Blemish Comedone Control Serum pairs it with Rosemary to get more bacteria fighting power without damaging skin.

Blemish Comedone Control Serum uses a lot of ingredients to help keep the skin healthy overall. All the other ingredients in this Control Serum are used for different types of medicines and salves to help heal skin and other types of ailments. Kudzu Extract is one of the ingredients that is used in many medicines because it has properties that can help with different sicknesses.

Burdock and Chamomile Extracts are also used in different medicines, but are specifically used in Blemish Comedone Control Serum for their skin healing qualities. They are both often used as salves and for treating skin rash. Sometimes they are even used to treat skin burns.

Consumer Reviews

Blemish Comedone Control Serum has been newly released on the market, so there are not too many consumer reviews to be found. The ones we did find mention that the serum only works well when used every day. It does not provide long term cures for acne, but does treat blemishes and comedones as long as it is used.

We found that, though this Control Serum has the same purpose as many other types of serums, it targets individuals with specific complexions. Blemish Comedone Control Serum was developed in India, so the formula targets those whose skin is often subjected to heat and a lot of humidity. It is not designed for those in more arid or colder climates.

Is It The Best?

If you are looking for a long term fix for acne and blemishes, Blemish Comedone Control Serum would probably not be the best. It does treat skin and help it to be healthy as long as it is used, but does not seem to have any lasting effects once treatment stops.

Though it is not listed as prescription, the manufacturer does require a consultation with a dermatologist before use. In fact, Blemish Comedone Control Serum is not available for purchase online, but only through the recommendation of a dermatologist. Blemish Comedone Control Serum is, therefore, meant only to be used as directed by professionals.
Overall, Blemish Comedone Control Serum is useful for those that it is made and advertised for, but does not work for everyone and is not a permanent fix for acne.

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