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Change for the Better is a skin care and acne reduction cleansing system that is meant to give you 100% clearing results in as little as 14 days. This system includes a facial cleanser, oil absorbing dry emulsion, a night oil free dry emulsion, and an acne spot treatment in regular and travel size containers. For some reason this product is advertised at the price of two easy payments of $19.95 which comes out to $40 for a month’s supply. The only ingredient we could find for any of the above formulas was green tea.


When a product doesn’t offer you a catalog of ingredients or any documented clinical successes it is just about impossible to determine whether or not it will be an effective acne treatment. The safest route for your pocketbook is to assume that it will not be helpful if they are unwilling to release such simple information.

Possible Side Effects

Again, we have no way to know what potential harm a product can cause without a list of ingredients. Since all we could find listed in this blend is green tea, which they refer to as “hydrating,” it seems a safe bet that one side effect you can be sure to avoid is acne elimination.


Change for the Better does offer a free 30 day trial but this is generally a marketing gimmick that is used by manufacturers with little confidence in their products. Often such trial offers are laden with loop-holes and hoops you have to jump through in order to actually satisfy the fine print of the offer. We do not recommend Change for the Better as your anti-acne solution.

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