Clarisonic Pro Reviews

At a little less than the price of an airline ticket from Seattle to Los Angeles, Clarisonic Pro skincare system better be worth it. And, according to 144/158 customers on, it is.

I wanted to know what is making so many people spend so much money on the self-proclaimed professional version of Clarisonic, Clarisonic Pro. Read on to know whether you should jump on the bandwagon, or hold your money.

What Is Clarisonic Pro?

Clarisonic Pro is far from your ordinary face wash. Instead, it’s a cleaning system used by dermatologists and other skincare professionals. The machine is a battery-powered cleansing brush that gives your face an exfoliating message.

According to the official website, Clarisonic oscillates back and forth with more than 300 movements per second. In contrast to other cleansing methods, the movement of the Clarisonic brush is purportedly made to work with the skin, rather than against it. This movement sweeps away dead skin cells and reduces dirt from deep within the pores.

Clarisonic Pro is supposedly the most powerful of all Clarisonic brands because it is an exclusive model used and sold by skincare professionals. The Pro version is the only cleansing system to include 4 speed modes.

Other than that, though, it’s hard to see how Pro is significantly better than its predecessors. Like the Plus version, it comes with two brush heads, a charging cradle, and a 2 oz. Refining Skin Polish. It lasts for 28 minutes before needing to be recharged.

One bonus is the 1 oz. trial sizes of Gentle Hydro Cleanser, Refreshing Gel Cleanser, and Nourishing Care Cleanser, which is unique to the Pro version.

How to Use Clarisonic Pro

A YouTube video from demonstrates how to use the Clarisonic Pro:

1. Charge it for a day
2. Pick which setting you want to use
3. Wet your face slightly
4. Put a little cleanser either directly on the brush or on your face
5. Wet the brush
6. Start on your forehead, and move the machine in circular motions
7. Work the area until the machine pauses, then move to the next area
8. When you finish cleansing your face, rinse your face and pat it dry

What Do Customers Think about Clarisonic Pro?

Clarisonic Pro has rave reviews. Here’s just a few:

• “The benefits of this product can be seen immediately. You will experience softer, smoother skin after the first use and your face will really look and feel squeaky clean. My pimples don’t last as long (sometimes disappear in less than 24 hours which never happened before), and my expensive skin care products are more effective.” (Lealbr)
• “I love my Clarisonic. After using it, my skin glows, I get fewer breakouts and I know my skin is clean. I realize there are now many more skin care brushes available that cost considerably less, but as long as my Clarisonic is working I am going to continue to use it.” (Denise Lilly “Dee”)
• “Works perfectly and as advertised. The charger is a little large for travel, but charge lasts several days at least. Would recommend fully. Buy the extra heads while you are at it, the replacements at local malls are more expensive.” (Greg Allen)
• “Love it love it love it! Perfect tool for problem skin, I don’t know how I lived without it before. It works with every cleanser (I even use it with face scrub for gentle exfoliation). Easy to charge and it lasts for a long time. Nothing cleans my skin better. It also makes my skin absorb creams and lotions better after the wash. The cons is the price. The professional series are expensive, but Clarisonic also not so long ago added Mia which is more affordable alternative. My friends love theirs. I love mine and highly recommend it for every woman.” (Mom4Health)

On the other side, however, Victoria. M. Mccullom said: “I’ve had my Clarisonic for about 10 months now,,, I think i could get the same results from scrubing with a wet, soapy towel. Plus the replacement heads are pricey considering it doesnt do that much for my oily skin.”

Should You Buy Clarisonic Pro?

Clarisonic Pro costs $177.79 at and $169.98 on This is a lot to pay for one skincare system. Considering how much some people spend on facials and expensive skincare products, it could be worth it. But, you may find less expensive skincare products work just fine for you.

You may also want to explore the less expensive Clarisonic versions—Mia, Mia 2, Aria, and Plus.

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