Clarisonic Reviews

Clarisonic has been in the public eye for a while, and for good reason.

Manufactured by the same creators of the professionally-endorsed Sonicare, Clarisonic is a skin-cleansing-system brush that utilizes patented sonic technology, eliminating dirt and oil with its micro-massage action.

There are several Clarisonic devices, creams, and brush heads.

Clarisonic Handles

There are 5 different Clarisonic devices, each with special features and customizable options.

Clarisonic Mia
The Clarisonic Mia is the smallest Clarisonic device with one-button, one-speed facial cleansing. The Clarisonic Mia is compact and easily portable for at home or on-the-go.

It comes in 16 different colors, and the kit comes with the Clarisonic Mia, universal voltage charger, sensitive brush head, and a 1 oz. trial size Refreshing Gel Cleanser.

After the button is pushed, the Clarisonic Mia offers 60 seconds of micro-massage action. The manufacturer recommends splitting the time as follows: 20 seconds on forehead, 20 seconds on nose and chin, and 10 seconds on each cheek.

For $119.00, the Clarisonic Mia is the simplest and cheapest in the Clarisonic line. It can be purchased through

Clarisonic Mia 2
The Clarisonic Mia is considered an extension of the Mia, giving all the Clarisonic Mia benefits plus more.

The Clarisonic Mia comes in 14 different colors, and the Clarisonic Mia 2 kit includes the following: Clarisonic Mia 2, sensitive brush head, 1 oz. trial size cleanser, universal charger, and a protective travel case.

The Mia 2 offers 2 speeds and a one-minute pulsing T-Timer to let users know when to move on to cleansing different facial areas.

Clarisonic Mia is slightly more expensive than its predecessor, retailing for $159.00 through the manufacturer website. The extra items in the kit as well as different speeds justify its $40.00 difference.

Clarisonic Aria
This device is limited in its color availability, but makes up for it with its additional special features.

Clarisonic Aria kit comes with drying stand, USB-enabled universal voltage charger, wall adapter, sensitive brush head, and a 1 oz. trial size Refreshing Gel cleanser.

The USB-enabled charger allows users to charge the Clarisonic Aria on the road through their laptop, and the stand allows the Clarisonic Aria to dry thoroughly between uses.

The Aria also comes with an adjustable T-Timer so users can cleanse for additional time, and it comes in 3 speeds. The illuminate bezel on the handle lets users know which speed is used.

The battery-life indicator light informs how many more uses are available before needing to be recharged.

It is a pricier alternative to the Mia family but not a bad idea for those who are willing to spend extra for Aria’s advanced cleansing options and tools. The Aria retails for $199.00 through

Clarisonic Plus
Clarisonic Plus is a step up from previously mentioned Clarisonic devices with some unique additions. It is available in 11 different colors and comes with an additional body brush head, 2 oz. trial size refining skin polish, and a universal charging cradle.

The body brush head is unique to the Clarisonic Plus and is able to exfoliate and remove dead skin on the back, legs, knees, and feet. The Body Mode comes in two settings: normal and pulse.

The Clarisonic Plus stands upright in the cradle charger, allowing for the device to air dry after use.

The Clarisonic Plus is priced at $225.00-$235.00 through depending on the model. And for a limited time, users also receive a free travel bag and normal brush head (a $45.00 value).

Clarisonic PRO
Clarisonic Pro is the cream of the crop. The PRO comes with previous benefits featured in the Clarisonic Plus and additional fourth speed: low, normal, high, and PRO.

Clarisonic PRO is designed specifically for professional use. Users can’t purchase it through Rather, it can be found through skincare professionals for around $225.00.

How to Care for Clarisonic Products

Clarisonic handles need to be cleaned once a week by removing the brush head. Wash the handle with warm soapy water to remove residue buildup.

To clean the charger, simply wipe it with a soft, damp cloth. Never immerse the charger in water.

The company recommends replacing brush heads every 3 months because bristle strength becomes weak and less effective. Brush heads should also be cleaned once a week by removing it from the handle and rinsing.

To remove the brush head, simply push and twist the brush head counter-clockwise.

How to Use Clarisonic Products

Prior to first time use, charge Clarisonic devices for 24 hours.

Then, follow these four steps.

1. Remove any eye and face makeup before use.
2. Wet skin and the brush head with warm water.
3. Apply cleanser to skin or brush head.
4. Turn on the brush and gently move the brush using small, circular motions.

Use daily as needed.

Brush Heads

Though the sensitive brush head is standard in most Clarisonic cleansing-kits, there are 5 additional brush heads users can purchase to customize their washing experience.

The sensitive brush head is considered an easy introduction to the Clarisonic micro-massaging cleanse for sensitive to normal skin types.

The normal brush head is recommended for normal skin. It can be used for shaving preparation and on also on the upper chest.

The delicate brush head is just as it sounds, ultra-gentle for those with extra-sensitive skin.

Deep Pore Cleansing
This brush head with its unique gradating bristle strength is ideal for cleansing oily skin, gently flexing pores, and reaching hard-to-get areas like around the nose.

Acne Cleansing
With an extra-plush bristle gradation, the acne cleansing brush offers a gentle cleanse for acne-prone skin.

The body brush head works with the PLUS and PRO models only and offers extra care for areas on the body that need more attention.


Although the Clarisonic cleansing device may be used with any cleansers desired by users, the Clarisonic line includes 4 different cleansers.

Acne Daily Clarifying Cleanser
This cleanser purportedly clears and prevents future acne and blemishes while smoothing the skin at the same time.

Some active ingredients include vitamin C and nelumbo nucifera flower. Both ingredients contain antioxidant and antibacterial properties [1] [2]; though, human studies surrounding nelumbo nucifera flower are lacking. [3]

Deep Pore Daily Cleanser
Clarisonic claims this cleanser reduces pores by cleansing deeply without drying out the skin.

Two important ingredients in this cleanser are fruit acid trio and Japanese green tea.

Fruit acid is used for its therapeutic effects on acne with minimal side effects. Researchers believe it “may be an ideal adjunctive treatment of acne.” [4]

Refreshing Gel Cleanser
Refreshing Gel Cleanser contains several ingredients. Some ingredients include sodium lauryl sulfate, glycerin, and cocamidopropyl betaine.

Sodium Lauryl is a detergent useful for removing grease, although it has been shown to irritate skin in atopic individuals. [5]

Glycerin is a humectant. It moisturizes the skin by drawing water into the outer skin layer, improving skin function, appearance, and enables proper skin cell maturation. [6]

Gentle Hydro Cleanser
Active ingredients in this cleanser are algae & aloe vera gel and sucrose cocoate.

Algae & aloe vera gel offers skin-protection against radiation damage. [7]

Sucrose cocoate is an emulsifying agent that moisturizes skin, containing coconut fatty acids in aqueous ethanol solution. [8]

Opal Sonic Infusion System

The Opal Sonic Infusion system is a palm-sized sonic infusion device designed to increase skin’s resilience.

“By gently tapping the skin around your eye at 125 sonic movements per second, the Opal dispenses our specialty formulated Anti-Aging Sea Serum, maximizing absorption in a way that’s not possible with your finger alone,” says Clarisonic.

An Opal Sonic Infusion kit includes an Opal Sonic Infuser, .5 oz bottle anti-aging sea serum, 2 extra applicator tips, and a universal charger.

About the Manufacturer

Established in 2001, Pacific Bioscience Laboratories Inc. (PBL) is a leading innovator in sonic cleansing systems with a history of successful products such as the Sonicare toothbrush. Pacific Bioscience Laboratories products are distributed through spas, dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and popular beauty retailers.

Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, Inc. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, receiving an A rating.

On November 9, 2011, L’Oreal USA and Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, Inc. announced a signed merger agreement between the two companies, and PBL began operating as a subsidiary in December 2011.

Clarisonic products are recognized for being environmentally-friendly and for their great quality. [9]

Customer Service

Clarisonic devices are all backed with a warranty covering manufacturer defect-related problems resulting from everyday use. Warranties range from 1-3 years depending on the model. A one-year warranty is available for the Clarisonic Mia, a 3-year warranty for the PRO, and a 2-year warranty for the rest.

Clarisonic offers a 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee on sonic cleansing systems. The company adds, “You have nothing to lose in trying any Clarisonic Product.”

For any questions about warranties and returns, users are advised to call 1-888-5-Clarisonic (1-888-525-2747).

User Reviews

Amazon and users favorably review Clarisonic products with an average 4 out of 5 and 4.3 out of 5, respectively.

But, there are some negative reviews. This could be because consumers used different acne cleansers and creams. Here are some reviews on the Clarisonic device itself.

“I love the fact that the waterproof Mia goes into the shower, and I can have a luxurious facial spa treatment while my hair conditioner works. It’s such a nice feeling…” says FlossyGirl on

Another Amazon user, Jack, says Clarisonic feels like a “soft toothbrush” for your face.

“I really wanted to try this product, but it let me down,” says S0filthygorgeous on “I was very excited to try it…When I first tried it, it was awesome,” she says. It made her face glow and removed her makeup but she says she started to notice skin below and around her lips began to feel like “sand-paper.” She continued use to try and see if these effects would go away and she ended up getting huge pimples.

Mayagayam, a user, said the Clarisonic was a little rough and broke capillaries in her cheeks. She does not specify which brush head was used but adds that now she only uses Clarisonic 2 times a week with hot cleansings in between and loves it.

Final Thoughts

Clarisonic is a reliable skin-cleansing line with multiple devices and brush heads to cater to users’ skin-care needs.

Clarisonic products may not be for everyone, but the fact that it is manufactured by the same company that created a professionally-endorsed toothbrush convinces me this product is worth a shot.

Finding an effective face cleanser for your personal needs seems to be a difficult task. But, once users find a compatible cleanser, Clarisonic Mia will make the face-washing process more effective.


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