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When you think of an acne treatment, an oral supplement is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind. However, many oral acne treatments claim to provide total cleansing using the help of your immune system to clear toxins, bacteria, and other potentially harmful materials that may be clogging your pores and causing this problem acne you’ve been suffering from.

Clear Pure Complexion is one of these oral, gel capsule supplements that claims to be able to cure your acne from the inside-out using all-natural ingredients. Is Clear Pure Complexion a formula you can count on to deliver these results? Let’s take a closer look and see for ourselves.

What’s In Clear Pure Complexion?

Clear Pure Complexion is made with natural ingredients to ensure that you receive the safest possible acne treatment. Because it is taken through the mouth it, of course, doesn’t include any of the potentially harmful alcohols or astringents often included in topical acne remedies.

Instead it is made with vitamins, minerals and botanicals that work together to produce cleansing from the inside-out. These ingredients work with your body instead of against it to rid itself of toxins, bacteria and other harmful substances that may be blocking your pores and keeping your complexion dirty and dull.

Vitamins A and B6 work with Zinc to clear, cleanse, moisturize, and heal the skin to renew its healthy glow in 4-12 weeks.

Do These Ingredients Work?

Even though these ingredients have been proven to work individually to clear the skin and help reduce the effects of acne, we are unsure if they are concentrated enough in Clear Pure Complexion to produce results.

With a lack of product clinical trials, research studies and consumer reviews, we are left with absolutely no evidence that Clear Pure Complexion will work as promised, when taken as directed. However, we believe that with the natural ingredients, it is safe to assume, if they are included in healthy amounts, you will not experience any negative side-effects.

What We Think

Even though this product is readily available both online and in retail locations nationwide for an inexpensive price of $15, we do not see the point in purchasing a product that has absolutely no scientific or consumer backing.

We would recommend waiting until there is more information available on Clear Pure Complexion before considering adding it to your daily supplement or acne remedy routine.

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