Clear X Reviews

Clear X is a small spray that they claim is safe for all skin types with no chemicals involved. It combines minerals and botanicals to reduce stress on the skin and otherwise help you to achieve greater results in general. They talk about it frankly like the miracle cure in general.

History of Clear X

Clear X was developed by Biome and called the “nature of skin care.” There is virtually no information available on Biome at this time, nor is there really history on Clear X in general. They just make claims about what it does. However, we have not found really any customer testimonials outside their site, which is a bad sign.


They list their ingredients, but not in a full ingredients list meaning you won’t see the advertised results. They have distilled water, distilled wild pink rose water, distilled aloe vera, citrus peel, pulp, and seed, olive leaf extract, white willow bark, and “70 mineral complex.” This doesn’t really tell you much of anything, especially being that putting their best face forward would tell you they don’t have any active acne fighting ingredients.

Possible Side Effects

From the ingredients listed, there are no side effects. But we would wonder about the ingredients they are not listing.


We would not recommend using Clear X at this time. It doesn’t have the right potential you are looking for, and it could potentially cause quite a few problems from what we have seen. Frankly, there is a reason why certain companies hide things. They know the potential or lack thereof with their own products all too well. So it is obvious why they make their choices in general.

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