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Dr. Brandt Skincare is an acne elimination product that boasts the power and potency to absorb excess oils immediately and to even have the strength to reduce overall oil secretion over time. This product claims to work as a means to cleansing and shrinking pores so that not only can you eliminate breakouts but you can reduce the size of large pores and the instance of blackheads occurring on your face. The active ingredients found in Dr. Brandt Skincare are as follows: tea tree oil, linum seed extract, and pro dimethyl silanendiol salicylate. This product comes in a 1oz bottle and costs $45.


Tea tree oil has been popular homeopathic cure for ailments and discomforts ranging from mosquito bites to cold sores. Now it has hit the acne elimination market with full force and some claim that it is the biggest innovation on the anti-acne market in quite some time. It is said to have the same effects as benzoyl peroxide but without the drying side effects to the skin.

Possible Side Effects

Without any dosage information it is impossible for us to discern whether or not the tea tree oil, or any of the other ingredients, has been implemented in effective portions. The fact is that, no matter how amazing the ingredient, it cannot affect any results if it is utilized in insufficient amounts.


Dr. Brandt Skincare comes across as an average product at best. This manufacturer offers no relevant scientific data in regard to its success rates and we could not find any customer testimonials to give us an idea of whether or not this product is satisfactory. Further aggravating the situation is the fact that a 1oz bottle can only last up to 15 days if used regularly. That makes this product a monthly expenditure of $90 when all is said and done. We do not recommend Dr. Brandt Skincare.

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