Dr. Gross Trifix Acne Clearing Lotion Reviews

During his residency, Dr. Gross probably dreamed of developing his own skincare line of products. Through years of hard work (we assume), Dr. Gross busted into the beauty industry with a line of his own beauty products. Alongside his name, title, and promise of quality, the public took notice. The biggest magazines including Vogue, Marie Claire, and In Style rave about Dr. Gross and his skincare line. Among the proudly praised products is the Trifix Acne Clearing Lotion.


The name Trifix is a hint about the method behind the Acne Clearing Lotion. There are plenty of antioxidants, extracts, botanical, minerals, and vitamins in the formula to help treat mild to moderate acne but there are three main ingredients in the lotion that really enhance the effects of the lotion on acne. The Dr. Gross trifecta is colloidal sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid. These ingredients are no secret to any acne treatment, but the combination helps reduce inflammation, unclog pores, and kill bacteria.

Possible Side Effects

In a perfect world the perfect product clears your acne without any side effects. But with great power comes consequence. The use of benzoyl peroxide can case redness and dryness just as salicylic acid and sulfur can cause further skin irritation. On the lighter side of things, no product is perfect.


To quote the magazine Marie Claire about the Trifix Acne Clearing Lotion it is “one of the top 25 new beauty products that will change your life.” We don’t necessary crown the lotion with this title or think it will revolution your life, but the lotion will be beneficial in treating your mild to moderate acne. When all is said and done, when you buy a Dr. Gross product you are getting quality treatments.

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