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You may have seen it on the commercials recently. Epiduo is the prescription acne treatment that claims that the truth about zits is that they are a medical condition and can therefore only be treated effectively with prescriptions. They claim to get beyond the hype and help you to finally achieve success. Apparently they forgot about all over the counter products that use ingredients found in prescriptions. But is what they say ultimately true?

History of Epiduo

Epiduo is produced by Galderma Laboratories and went through the FDA approval process on December 8, 2008. It is prescribed only for patients who are 12 and older, and it has been reported on by various different outlets because of its extremely recent FDA approval.


They use 2 ingredients: a retinoid and benzoyl peroxide in doses of 1% and 2.5%. Benzoyl peroxide has been tested in doses of a minimum of 5%, and even non prescriptions know that and accordingly choose to use at least 5%. They use 2.5%. In addition, though retinoids can be used in smaller amounts, like benzoyl peroxide, they can be found in just about any product whether prescription or over the counter.

Possible Side Effects

Possible side effects of Epiduo include drying, feeling of warmth, itching, irritation, mild peeling, redness, selling, rash, hives, dizziness, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, swelling of the mouth, face, lips, tongue, excessive burning, tenderness of the skin, or extreme dryness.


Acne is one of the few markets in which prescriptions and over the counter supplements are obviously on the same level, and some would say that over the counter drugs on a higher level. This is because some of the most popular prescription ingredients can be used in over the counter drugs, and more studies are coming out every day. Epiduo uses only the most common ingredients in general in extremely small amounts, and it should not be taken seriously.

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Epiduo Customer Reviews

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  1. Anonymous 03/23/2011

    I am in my late 20’s and did have moderate acne growing up but cleared up when I finished high school..I would get compliments on how beautiful my clear olive skin was and it made me very happy.until recently..I always would get the little breakout usually around my period but nothing that wouldnt clear up quickly but late last year I had a breakout that just wouldnt go away plus suddently I had hyperpigmentation from old spots that just wouldnt fade and it was all on the one side of my cheek..it was embarassing..nothing would work.enzyme peels,spot creams,nothing! so since I have a wedding overseas approaching I had to do something so i went to my dermatologist and he was convinced epiduo would clear my face up and fast!! (since I told him about the wedding)
    I went home and read tons of reviews on epiduo and to be honest I was very hesitant to try it but i felt desperate..
    First week I experienced a burning/stinging sensation and abit of peeling..no redness..no real difference on my face and maybe a little breakout but I didnt really pay attention cause i was concentrating more on my left cheek breakout plus it only lasted a couple of days.
    Second week- the burning,peeling was gone and my face really improved!!!The pimples were gone and old spots started to fade:))
    I am on my third week and I am really happy with the results..YOu will feel that nothing is working and then suddently literally overnight you will notice the difference just stick with it..I now feel confident my face will be 100% back to normal just in time for my cousins wedding!
    I wish you all good luck and hopes it works for you too!

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