iQ Derma Acne Clear Remedy Reviews

iQ Derma Acne Clear Remedy is a skin care system that has been specifically engineered to stop acne in its tracks. Acne is cause by over-congested hair follicles in the skin. Hair follicles utilize a naturally secreted substance called sebum in order to keep the skin from drying out but, when sebum is overproduced, it can cause the hair follicles to become engorged and a haven for the bacteria that causes pimples. This system comes complete with a Purifying Cleanse, an Acne Treatment and a Hydrating Lotion and asserts that these three easy steps can cure your breakouts once and for all.


The Purifying Cleanser’s main goal is to unclog the bacteria and toxins that are plaguing your pores and causing your pimples. This product utilizes the ingredients multifruit BSC, pheohydrane and botanesse to accomplish its goal. The Acne Treatment is to be used after the skin has been cleansed of bacteria. This blend consists of iQ 101(we have no information about what iQ 101 contains), farnseol, flavenger complex and phytic acid. This step is used to kill off the any lasting bacteria. Lastly the Hydrating Lotion is a mixture of Advanced Moisture Complex, willow herb extract, BioCalm Complex and ClariPlex Technology. This mixture is used to soothe and hydrate the skin in an effort to replenish its moisture before sebum can begin to over excrete again.

Possible Side Effects

This is a pretty common approach to acne issues. This product doesn’t appear to contain any harmful substances and generally acne treatments with severe chemicals are available only by prescription. This product does offer a 30 day free trial but if you are unsatisfied with this product you must return your unused portion within 30 days if you want to see your money back. Free trial offers come across as gimmicky and under confident.


We aren’t overly impressed by iQ Derma Acne Clear Remedy. It uses average ingredients to create average formulas and takes an average approach to acne elimination. For those of you who have suffered with acne for a while and are still struggling to find a new treatment this one probably won’t give you any benefits beyond what you have seen before. We don’t recommend iQ Derma Acne Remedy.

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