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Leptodrene is a weight loss pill and an acne pill based on the latest craze. This craze is the acai berry. Many products are now including this ingredient in their products claiming that it is a superfood. They say that the acai berry has 10 times more antioxidants than many other fruits. They are supposed to help increase weight loss. Now, the problem is that when they are put into a pill the concentrations are usually very small. They amount is not enough to provide any results. So can this product actually help clear acne?


We found that Leptodrene contains green tea and some good fibers. These ingredients have been shown to increase weight loss, but they have not been shown useful in treating acne.

Possible Side Effects

Leptodrene does not really contain any ingredients that are going to really help with acne. Acai can help, but the amounts in this pill are not really enough to prevent or get rid of acne. Usually a topical is more effective than a pill.


We do not recommend Leptodrene as an acne product, or a weight loss product. The ingredients are all natural and will not cause any bad side effects, but they will not give you any useful results. We suggest that you find an acne pill that can give you higher concentrations of antioxidants. Antioxidants can help to clear skin, and increase health, but will not be useful if they are not used in high enough amounts.

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