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MD Clear claims to provide you with a 4 step program meant to eliminate redness, reduce inflammation, brighten and tone the skin, and more. When you use MD Clear, you get a pill, a mask, a scrub, and a toner that work from the inside out as well as the outside in to eliminate even the toughest acne! But why does this matter? Isn’t it just inconvenient?

Is a Kit Better?

MD Clear uses a 4 piece kit. When you use 4 pieces instead of 1, you get a more diverse and complete approach. You target many causes of and contributors to acne, again instead of just one or two. And in this case, you get products that can ideally provide both immediate and long term results.

History of MD Clear

MD Clear was created through years of extensive research and development. Creators looked at thousands of clinical studies, looking for the best ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, and the concentrations needed. They discovered that most products were using the right ingredients without using the right amounts.

They also discovered that acne starts in the deep recesses of the body. Most people suffer from toxic buildup, which can easily be removed with the right pill. And many also experience both hormonal and vitamin imbalances. So they created a pill to address all of these problems.


MD Clear Cleansing Scrub active ingredients include 5% benzoyl peroxide, 2% salicylic acid, and 0.1% sulfur.

MD Clear Toner active ingredients include 0.5% salicylic acid.

MD Clear Mask active ingredients include benzoyl peroxide 5% and sulfur 5%.

MD Clear Acne Pill ingredients include apple cider vinegar, vitamin C, biotin, pantothenic acid, mangosteen, lemon grass, MSM, lactobacillus acidophilus, green tea, licorice root, dandelion, milk thistle, pomegranate, turmeric, boswelia, acai, alfalfa, buckwheat, cayenne, flaxseed, garlic, soy isoflavones, wheatgrass, and alpha lipoic acid.

MD Clear has what seems to be 4 powerful and effective acne fighting formulas. When you use MD Clear, you get 4 different pieces that seem to target acne from every possible angle. You get a pill that works from the inside out as well as a scrub and toner for everyday use. In addition, you get a mask, which, when used properly, can provide immediate results, minimizing pores and reducing inflammation and other signs of acne fast.

Directions for Use

Each product plays an essential role in the fight against acne. Therefore, you should use all 4 as recommended. First, you use the pill. You should take 4-8 capsules daily depending on your body and how quickly you want to eliminate your acne. Second, use the scrub in the morning and at night, rinsing the face with warm water, massaging it into the skin, and then rinsing it away again with warm water, at which time you should pat the skin dry.
Follow this with the toner, using a cotton ball to spread a thin layer of the toner across the skin to minimize pores and refresh skin, again both morning and night. And finally, use the mask once to twice weekly, preferably after the wash and toner, spreading a thin layer across the skin and letting it soak into the skin for about 20 minutes.

Possible Side Effects

Because of its benzoyl peroxide content, we would suspect that MD Clear would have side effects like redness, irritation, peeling, and sensitivity to the sun. But from customer reviews, it seems that side effects with MD Clear are rare. If anything, the other ingredients in MD Clear seem to counteract the problems.


MD Clear provides not one, but 4 separate pieces to provide what we believe to be optimal results to eliminate even the toughest cases of acne. It has pieces that seem to provide fast results as well as those that provide results over time, keeping acne away. When combined, it becomes clear to us at least that MD Clear is really the only choice for the most complete acne fighting results.

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