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Metrogel is a prescription acne treatment that they say will specifically treat rosacea. Rosacea is a bacterial infection of sorts and generally shows up as redness, bumps, and otherwise skin irritation and even red and irritated eyes in some people. It generally afflicts during adulthood and does not really go away in many senses.

History of Metrogel

Metrogel is currently the only FDA approved and prescription rosacea treatment we’ve seen. It was FDA approved as of June 30, 2005, and it was approved in 1% concentrations. They use metronidazole and it is produced by Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences. The approval was based upon a 10 week randomized study in 746 patients with once a day treatment.


Metrogel essentially works by killing off bacteria. So it gets into the pores, kills off bacteria, and theoretically speaking, it could kill acne. But then that’s also why they use chemical peels in extreme cases and if you can afford it quite frankly to get rid of some cases of acne. But it doesn’t address every problem, including those associated with rosacea.

Possible Side Effects

Ironically enough, Metrogel can cause some of the common symptoms of rosacea. It can cause burning, dryness, itching, scaling, stinging, redness, and otherwise, because it essentially burns bacteria in a way, but it doesn’t always get the bacteria.


We would not recommend using Metrogel. Metrogel does not give you the effectiveness you are looking for, and it can cause realistically some of the same problems. All this considered, it’s really not worth it, and there are certainly better antibacterials and otherwise that would not cause the same problems and that would likely work better.

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  1. jan 02/02/2011

    Metrogel does not work period!!!

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