Natralia Acne Rescue Kit Reviews

Acne isn’t something anyone wants to deal with, but it hardly goes away as fast as you want it to when you leave it alone. There are several anti-acne systems that offer a variety of products in a kit to help accelerate acne removal and even reduce breakouts. One of these kits is the Natralia Acne Rescue Kit. The difference with the Acne Rescue Kit is it comes with an easy two-step approach; unlike making you commit to a hoard of products. The two-step approach includes a facial wash and a cream. The duo should be just enough punch to prevent acne.


Both the Acne Rescue Wash and Acne Rescue Cream are homeopathic blends to treat any acne without causing skin irritation. The acne wash is first used to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. The formula utilizes witch hazel to kill bacteria, calendula extract to reduce redness, and lavender to soothe the skin. This mild cleanser gently purifies the skin from pore-clogging problems like excess oil or makeup.

The Acne Rescue Cream is a post-cleanser treatment. The cream uses witch hazel and calendula as well, but it also uses chamomile as an anti-inflammatory agent. The main source of power behind the acne treatment cream is the use of tea tree oil to kill bacteria. Tea tree oil is an excellent alternative for benzoyl peroxide.

Possible Side Effects

The homeopathic blends help Natralia Acne Rescue Kit to avoid any side effects. At the time of this review the kit is free from any adverse effects because it uses natural acne remedies.


Combining an acne wash and acne treatment cream together cleanses the skin and treats existing acne. The main hang-up with the Acne Rescue Kit is the reputation. There are customer reviews that report getting worse skin after using the kit. Of course not everyone’s skin reacts the same to any treatment but there are systems available that have good reputations for being highly effective.

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