On the Spot Acne Treatment Reviews

On the Spot Acne Treatment is an acne solution that was developed by Neutrogena which is a part of the Johnson and Johnson family. That is a pedigree that could lend itself to greatness since Neutrogena and Johnson and Johnson are both well known skin care and toiletries companies. This product is meant to dry out pimples without drying out the rest of your face. The theory behind On the Spot Acne Treatment is that it will work to eliminate the bacteria that are hiding in the pores and this will prevent new pimples from arriving as well. Benzoyl peroxide is the active ingredient in this product.


Benzoyl peroxide in thought to affect positive changes for the skin by increasing the oxygen levels that reach into the pores. This creates a more hostile environment for bacteria to grow in thus helping to reduce the risk of future breakouts. However, it is recommended that benzoyl peroxide be applied to the entire face or at least the areas prone to breakouts for the maximum results. It is also suggested that it is continued as a facial treatment even once the acne has abated in order to maintain the results. Using it as a spot treatment is giving it a little more credit than it can keep up with.

Possible Side Effects

Adverse reactions to On the Spot Acne Treatment and benzoyl peroxide in general include dry, itching skin as well as redness, flaking and burning on the skin. Some skin may show signs of swelling cause by the amount of chemicals that are being introduced to your pores. If this product is used on a consistent basis there is also the risk of extremely dry skin and the potential for discolorations in the face.


On the Spot Acne Treatment may give you some results but it is definitely not a miracle cure by any means. We have reservations about this product referring to itself as a “on the spot” solution since it has been well documented that the active ingredient in this formula has more success as an all over treatment that must be used on a regular basis to retain whatever benefits you may achieve. We feel confident that you could find a product with this ingredient and possible even more helpful elements to give you a real transformation.

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