Origins Spot Remover Acne Blemish Treatment Gel Reviews

Origins Spot Remover Acne Blemish Treatment Gel claims to be the ultimate formula that will finally help you to blast your zits with the power of salicylic acid. They claim it to be appropriate for all skin types and it apparently also uses “nature’s spot nots” to clear your blemishes without drying the skin or otherwise causing side effects or problems.

History of Origins Spot Remover Acne Blemish Treatment Gel

As far as we can tell, Origins really took off in the early 2000’s. They actually sell in France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the US, and the United Kingdom, and they sell a number of different products. They sell everything from organics to bath products to coloring products to fragrances to acne products, you get the basic idea.


Origins Spot Remover Acne Blemish Treatment Gel has salicylic acid of course. So it can technically speaking cause dead skin cells to shed away. The problem is that they literally use half of the clinically proven amount. So in other words, there is no way that it could actually promote the usual benefits of salicylic acid in the first place. They also have witch hazel. But again, they use such a small amount as to be completely inconsequential.

Possible Side Effects

Possible side effects of Origins Spot Remover Acne Blemish Treatment Gel include redness, feeling of warmth, irritation, itching, peeling, redness, hyperpigmentation, increased sun sensitivity, stinging, and dermatitis.


We would not recommend using Origins Spot Remover Acne Blemish Treatment Gel. It does not actually give you the benefits or results you are looking for, and there are various other options out there to say the least. This formula will not actually fight any kind of acne. It will more likely cause side effects and problems.

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Origins Spot Remover Acne Blemish Treatment Gel Customer Reviews

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  1. Judy Mc 06/01/2011

    I have used Origins spot remover at the first sign of breakout and it works for me. I have also used it on chigger bites. Seems to help them dry up faster. I would recommend it for pimples.

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