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TetraClear claims that you can get rid of your acne and achieve the beautiful skin that you want with their basic 3 step kit. They claim that they even offer a “free trial”! And if you don’t get rid of your acne within 10 days, you can have your money back! So let’s get this out of the way first, any time you see a “free trial”, it means that they are going to sign you up for an overpriced and expensive auto ship program that will keep coming and charging you, even though you don’t remember actually signing up for it, and you no longer want it.

History of TetraClear

TetraClear was created as a kind of copycat of Proactiv. They wanted to create a 3 step program to leach off their success, and so they did with the addition of a “free trial offer.” This in mind, they have since made quite a few sales in large part because you really cannot cancel their offer, and they have yet still not surpassed Proactiv. Oh, and there is no return policy, all sales are final with TetraClear.


TetraClear is based on one ingredient known as 2% salicylic acid. Yes, it does technically work to promote acne clearing by shedding away dead skin cells. However, it has a rather minor effect, and you can find this product just about anywhere. Salicylic acid can be found in various products, most at much cheaper prices than this. Frankly speaking, they don’t seem to have any other ingreidnets listed.

Possible Side Effects

There are no side effects commonly associated with salicylic acid.


We would not recommend using TetraClear. All in all, you will end up paying $78.23 per month on an auto ship that does not allow you to return the product. Many have reported actually cancelling their orders and then receiving future orders anyway again with no money back guarantee. It is weak at best, and we would recommend finding something else.

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