The Pimple Clinic Reviews

The Pimple Clinic is actually a 3 step process providing you products that they claim will help you to “kill acne” and clear away pimples. They use antioxidants featuring pictures of a kiwi, tomato, and avocado for steps 1, 2, and 3. They claim that its antioxidants and phytonutrients will provide your skin with all the benefits it needs. The steps are actually a killer cleanser, a tonacious toner, and a clandestine clear.

History of The Pimple Clinic

The Pimple Clinic is actually a fairly new product. It was introduced of course after antioxidants really became popular, which pretty much happened when the top 10 superfoods were introduced. Realistically, vitamins like vitamin E were considered to be essential to the skin before. But the antioxidant benefits were never really pushed.


If you look into The Pimple Clinic products, they don’t actually give you an ingredients list. The 3 ingredients they do list are actually full of antioxidants, and avocado has omega 3 fatty acids, which help you to properly moisturize and nourish your skin without making it oily. But this being said, they don’t really kill acne in and of themselves. Moreover, without other ingredients listed, you really have to wonder what they use.

Possible Side Effects

We suspect that they are hiding quite a few irritants and otherwise which might cause redness, feeling of warmth, irritation, itching, peeling, redness, hyperpigmentation, increased sun sensitivity, stinging, and dermatitis.


With so little information, practically no information, we would not recommend using The Pimple Clinic. It does not have the potential that they make you think it has, and frankly speaking the 3 ingredients they list don’t measure up, let alone with everything else hidden. We would like to know what preservatives and other harmful elements they use. But we do know that they don’t really have any active acne fighting products. If they did, they would actually show them.

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