TRIA Beauty Acne Treatment Reviews

TRIA Beauty is a light-based skin care company for at-home treatments that has taken the industry to a whole new level. The brand has made a reputation for itself in the skincare arena for providing innovative and advanced treatments for healthier looking skin. The TRIA Beauty Acne Treatment is advanced technology that offers a FDA-cleared Clarifying Blue Light device alongside professional beauty products to clarify your skin for a clear complexion. The TRIA treatment for acne should effectively eliminate all types of acne and help shield the skin.


The TRIA Beauty Acne Treatment is a three step approach toward a clear complexion and is dermatologist recommended. The treatment comes with a Clarifying Foam Cleanser, Clarifying Blue Light, and a Rebuilding Complex. The Clarifying Foam Cleanser uses 2.0% salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin to unclog pores and improve skin tone. Once the skin is cleansed, the Clarifying Blue Light penetrates the pores much like the blue light dermatologists use to heal acne quickly and gently. The final touch is the Rebuilding Complex that polishes the skin with niacinamide, vitamin C, and additional 1.25% salicylic acid. Combined, this system significantly improves the skin’s surface.

Possible Side Effects

People with sensitive skin may experience dryness, redness, or irritation when using the salicylic acid included in the Clarifying Foam Cleanser and Rebuilding Complex. However, the combination of salicylic acid alongside vitamins in the Rebuilding Complex attempts to reduce potential side effects.


The TRIA Beauty Acne Treatment is a skin clarifying system that visibly improves the health of your skin. The blue light technology helps erase existing acne and prevent future breakouts. The entire system is not cheap. The treatment retails around $295. There are cheaper alternatives you can consider that will help eliminate acne and fortify the skin, however, the TRIA treatment is in a league of its own. The results you should expect from this system are comparable to a trip to the dermatologist, except it is on your own time.

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