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VitaCure B5 is a supposed “revolution in treating acne” based around vitamin B5 as you might have expected. They claim it’s the only non prescription treatment proven to work in medical studies. Apparently, they forgot about the fact that really medical studies have not specifically tested vitamin B5, and being that benzoyl peroxide is in prescriptions as well as over the counter drugs, that is a bit more legitimate.

History of VitaCure B5

VitaCure B5 is sold around the world at this time, and they also suggest that it strengthens the immune system, which we have not really heard of before. They are very clear on the idea that they use vitamin B5, and their site is apparently dependent on the description of Dr Leung’s research of d-Calcium Pantothenate.


Supplementing any essential vitamin into the diet at a higher rate can generally have greater effects in general to the health among other things, depending partly on the one for greater efficacy. However, they only have the one ingredient, and it does not particularly relate to acne, especially when it is expected to work on its own.

Possible Side Effects

Considering the disclosed ingredients, there are really no major side effects. However, we would worry about possible side effects with undisclosed ingredients.


We would not recommend VitaCure B5. It doesn’t work the same way you would expect, and it doesn’t actually have the potential they would claim. You would really only be wasting your time and money on something that would turn out to be everything but effective. We would recommend instead checking out the other more effective products in general.

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VitaCure B5 Customer Reviews

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  1. Lorena Welsh 08/11/2012

    VitaCure WORKS!!!!!!!! My 2 sons had acne, had tried everything and it was VitaCure THE ONLY PRODUCT that made the difference.

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